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Working on one of these?

The majority of our product is made for industrial heat exchangers. We make ferrules out of various types of steel, stainless and inconels. Short ones, fat ones, long ones and insulated ones, we've made them all. Call 281-416-4251 or email us today for a quote. We do rush orders for unscheduled outages. If we can get the material you specify quickly we'll get it out FAST.


How we do it

We've been making ferrules for more than ten years.

We use the fastest machines and techniques to produce ferrules cost effectively and fast. It starts with the cuts. Cutting the material in bundles with our CNC saw allows us to precisely cut every ferrule to the same length and in record time. We clean up the cuts if needed with various methods depending on the material. Using high speed presses we are able to execute each pressing step in seconds. Once the ferrule is finished we wash them in our large industrial parts washer.

The finished product is always built within your specified tolerances. We quality check our production run continuously to make sure the ferrules meet your guidelines.

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